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BRIAN KEELER, Artist in Residence

Brian is renowned for his use of light and color, and evocation of scenes we love.  He recently coined the term "heliodelic" to describe his work, "helio" from "heliotrope"which means light-seeking, as a sunflower turns toward the light, and "delic" from "psychedelic to denote heightened awareness and delight in the visual.

The Roberson Museum, Binghamton, NY presented 95 paintings in a special overview exhibition of his work, "Heliodelic Topography- Expressions of Sun-drenched Forms-the Art of Brian Keeler from June 2016 to January 2017.


Brian's work has won wide acclaim over the years. Most recently he was awarded Best Plein Air Work award for the Dec/Jan Salon competition by Plein Art Magazine. His paintings have been collected by many individuals, corporations, and museums. His paintings have even been incorporated into two song videos by Pat Kane, lyrics and music, (see YouTube, 'Out Here in a Hayfield" and "The Hills Around My Home.

Keeler authored an art instructional book, Dramatic Color in the Landscape, published in 2014 by North Light Books. He has also created several art instruction videos and many catalogs for one-man exhibitions of his work. 

Bridget Bossart Van Otterloo

My paintings are about the beauty in nature. I believe that the beauty found in nature enriches our existence. Natural forms, elegant lines, bold colors, and the intrinsic details found in nature are the themes in my work. My most recent paintings explore the interaction between humans and the natural world. Nature is incredibly resilient as it continues to persevere in the face of man-made threats.

Susan Booth Titus

Born near Pittsburgh, Susan attended Saturday morning art classes at Carnegie Tech. After high school she took two years of art classes from 1958 through 1960 at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated with a major in fashion illustration. She was then a fashion illustrator doing full page ads in the Pittsburgh Press for six years. Moving to New York she graduated from the State University of New York at Cortland majoring in etching. Susan continued her studies in etching at Cornell University and in 1982 and again in 1984 was was invited to attend the prestigious International Summer Academy For Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria. 

Kurt Lichtmann

Himself a dancer, the artist specializes in dance photography. A voice-operated camera shutter captures the live action. His core perspective for a great dance photo is JOY. In addition to dance photography, the artist works with dip pen and ink on calligraphy in Sanskrit and Tibetan, but that is another show. Website:

Karen Kucharski

 The Tango Light paintings offer a world of movement and partnership with imagery that explores the spatial light of a Tango setting.     The ephemeral nature of the moment is emphasized with a hint of the figures' physical presence. 


In my art, as in the beat of the music and the water that sustains us, the marks that shape an image and the ideas are representations of life that flow between presence and abstraction.  I use these to express my personal responses and my understanding of a collective sense.

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