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"Tuscan Impressions - Amsterdam Arias"

June 1 to July 30, 2023

Opening Receptions

June 10, noon to 5

June 11, noon to 7


New small plein air studies and larger compositions of Italy from previous years


New plein air studies by Brian Keeler of these two locations along with work from Umbria, Rome, Amalfi, Venice, Lake Como and other Italian locations from previous years.










"Amsterdam January Nocturne," oil on linenpanel, 12x12

The exhibit is from June 1 to July 31. Opening receptions on Saturday, June 10 from noon to 5 and on Sunday, June 11, from noon to 7 pm.


Please RSVP and let us know your arrival time. Review the website to help with your selections for your art purchase.


Open by appointment through the year.

ns- Casentino Light- From Poppi  Oil on Linen panel  12x 12 $950
“Barga- Tuscan Warm May Evening” Oil on linen 10 x 30 $1600x
“Verbal Vines- Poppi” Oil on linen on panel 20 x 24 $2000x
ns-Amsterdam Nocturne- St Nicholas  OIl on linen panel  12 x 12  $950
Tuscan Afternoon- Barga” pastel 26 x 16 $1100x

Artist's Statement

Amsterdam Arias in the Arts

This April and May Linda and I were very fortunate indeed to return to Amsterdam to revel in the arts of the Dutch Golden Age- with the Vermeer show being the main draw, an exhilarating experience,


Marveling and sketching from the originals was a wonderful experience. These paintings all seem to embody a calm but the Vermeer household was full of children, ten by some accounts. So the interiors offer perhaps a respite from the actual life. As I had just painted a Vermeer-inspired interior, I felt that I had done my homework. Viewing Vermeers work all beautifully hung was an aesthetic immersion not to be overstated, albeit a humbling one, but at once an inspiring experience to come face to face with the actual canvases and not just a computer screen version or a book reproduction.



The trip also included a two-week visit to Tuscany. I've been visiting Italy off and on for 31 years now and never seem to tire of the many offerings; artistic, musical, historical, culinary and the pure joy of beholding the sublime landscapes. 

A full description of the tour.

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