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North Star Art Gallery 


The North Star Art Gallery on Snyder Hill Road- located in a beautiful Victorian just east of Cornell University features a wide variety of Brian Keeler's paintings- including this landscape.   "Turkey Hill, November Evening" Oil on panel 26" x 30."

Make an appointment to view the originals of this, the largest collection of Keeler works.

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A collection of Brian Keeler's recent paintings of historic architecture, with cupola capped Italianate homes and street scenes captured with beautiful light.  Also in this show, genre scenes, landscapes of the Finger Lakes and other motifs.

Exhibition- Italianate Inspirations and Dutch Delights


This painting is one of the paintings of Italy we are now featuring in the North Star Art Gallery.  This plein air work was painted along the banks of the Tiber River in Rome looking upstream toward Castel Sant' Angelo- the large round building shown here- also known as Hadrian's Mausoleum.   This work, titled, "Tiber Sculler, Castel Sant'Angelo" is a  24" x 26" oil on linen.

To view a video of this work at the end of the first session on

location in Rome- view this video.

And to view another video of the same painting being completed back in the studio.


New  small-scale paintings done en plein air and larger studio paintings of Italy and Amsterdam will be featured in the North Star Art Gallery.


 Keeler has made the marvelous and ancient cityscapes of Rome, Florence, Venice and many charming hill towns like Ravello and Montepulciano the subject of his art for over thirty years.  Along with the landscapes of Umbria and Tuscany this show offers oils and pastels of the peninsula for your consideration- as a work of art for your home.  The art history of Amsterdam, along with the Dutch Golden age is part of this show as well with new paintings of this city.

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