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Join our celebration of the season this weekend or plan a visit during the Community Arts Trail April 1st, 11am to 4 pm.

Meet the artists: Visiting Brian in his studio during the open house is a great opportunity to talk to him about his work.  We are part of the Greater Ithaca Art Trail Open Studios  and encourage you to plan a day of visits to the artists in the area. 

Visit for a list of artists with open studios, a downloadable guide/map and artist portfolios.

Support the local arts community: By visiting artist studios during the Community Arts Trail Open House, you are supporting the local arts community. Artists rely on support from the community to continue creating their work. Your visit and interest in their work can provide valuable encouragement and support.

Brian Keeler's paintings of spring scenes in Ithaca and the Finger Lakes are known for their vibrant colors, dynamic compositions, and expressive brushwork. Keeler's works capture the natural beauty of the region with his unique style, which blends realism and impressionism.

Keeler's paintings often depict the landscapes of the Finger Lakes with a focus on the changing light and colors of the season. His works have been praised for their ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and the beauty of the natural world.

Keeler is also known for his attention to detail and his ability to capture the essence of a place. His paintings are filled with intricate details that give the viewer a sense of the texture and atmosphere of the scene.


"Signs of Spring, Moravia, NY" -


"Three Old Willows," 

Susan Booth Titus is known for her realistic landscapes that capture the beauty of nature in upstate New York. Her paintings feature bright, vivid colors and strong composition, creating a sense of depth and space in the scene.

Her Spring in Ithaca and the Finger Lakes series are particularly celebrated for their depiction of the region's natural beauty during the spring season. Her paintings and prints showcase the vibrant colors of blooming flowers and trees, as well as the lush greenery of the Finger Lakes region.

Her paintings and prints offer a stunning visual representation of the natural world, and the beauty and charm of upstate New York during the spring season.

Images of Amsterdam Winter 2023

Brian Keeler is an American artist known for his ability to paint in the style of Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch master of the 17th century. Keeler's technique involves using a combination of classical and contemporary methods to create luminous, realistic images that capture the essence of Vermeer's style.

To paint in the style of Vermeer, Keeler begins by carefully studying the works of the master, paying close attention to the use of light, color, and composition. He then selects a subject that has similar qualities to those found in Vermeer's paintings, such as a still life, a portrait, or a scene with natural light.

Keeler uses oil paints on a prepared canvas or panel, which he primes with a neutral gray color. He then applies a thin layer of paint to create a base layer, using the same tonality as Vermeer's paintings. Next, he carefully builds up the image by applying layer upon layer of paint, using the "fat over lean" method, which involves applying thicker paint on top of thinner layers.

One of the key elements of Keeler's style is his use of light. He carefully manipulates the light in his paintings to create a sense of depth and luminosity. He uses a combination of natural and artificial light sources to create the desired effect, often using a single light source to create a strong sense of contrast between light and shadow.

Keeler's paintings also feature rich, vibrant colors, which he achieves by using a limited palette of colors that Vermeer himself would have used. He uses a variety of brushes, from small detail brushes to larger, softer brushes, to create different textures and effects.

Overall, Brian Keeler's paintings in the style of Vermeer capture the essence of the Dutch master's style, while also incorporating his own unique vision and techniques. The resulting works are timeless and beautiful, and pay homage to one of the greatest artists in history.

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