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Spring in Ithaca
and the Finger Lakes

May 3- June 30, 2019
Greater Ithaca First Saturday Art Trail Open House Reception

May 4 and June 1-  11 to 4 pm

Hours: Fridays - Sundays  12 pm to 4 pm and by appointment

Summer- Cayuga Lake Luminosity     Oil o

"Spring in Ithaca and the Finger Lakes" presents a love story in rich color and imagery.  Ithaca and the Finger Lakes are the adopted home of artist, Brian Keeler. In this exhibition, Keeler's love of the area is on full display. Rich landscapes combine the magnificence of the region's skies and the beauty of both land and waterscapes.

Complementing the natural beauty, Keeler populates many of his works with local figures who bring life and animation to his work.  Known for his masterful landscapes, Keeler is surprisingly deft with the depth of character he brings to the figures in his works.

For artists - Keeler is offering a Weekend Workshop with an evening presentation, two days of hands-on workshop and an optional evening exercise at the subject rich Stewart Park in Ithaca. May 31 - June 2.  Contact the gallery for more information. 

"Summer- Cayuga Lake Luminosity""


Springtime Exhibition Paintings 

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