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New England & Acadia National Park

September 1 - 30, 2018

Gallery hours  Friday-Sunday 11-4 and by appointment

The Coast of Maine, its rugged outcroppings, the rhythms of life of the locals where sea and land make for a way of life along with the quintessential Americana of the 19th century architecture - all combine to make for inspiring motifs. The call of the numerous islands off New England have long held sway for generations of artists, and it is not difficult to understand why. Robert Henri, George Luks, Rockwell Kent, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper and the Wyeths along with philosophers like Henry David Thoreau are a few that come to mind who have sought the muse with spectacular results there.


So when I trod the paths of the hills of Monhegan Island and others it is with an appreciation of these other American Painters along with a reverence for nature. When standing on those dramatic mountains of Maine near Bar Harbor like Pemetic or Cadillac Mountain or the craggy shores below we are reminded of the timeless tectonic pulls of the earth as the rocks here were supposedly ripped aeons ago from the same stone as the Burren in Western Ireland and the coast of Morocco. 

I have developed a body of work over the years exploring New England, some plein air and some larger studio works that portray life of the towns and coastal summer activities, families on beaches such as those at Rockport, MA as well as the primordial natural beauty of Acadia Natural Park, Maine.   

The Morning Departure - Great Spruce Hea
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