Susan Booth Titus - "Memories of Ithaca" - Prints

We are fortunate to have many works by the late Susan B. Titus whose depictions of her beloved Ithaca have become highly sought after.  Most are limited edition prints, signed or unsigned; some are etchings hand printed by Susan, and a few are original watercolors,

 Click on the images below to view higher resolution pictures and purchase information. Quantities are very limited.  Please 
contact us prior to purchase so we can confirm availability.

Cornell Spring
Signed, limited edition , 24x30, Signed print $250, Unsigned $100
Autumn Hedgerow signed print
Signed print, 13.75x23.75
Autumn Lake
Signed, limited edition print, 20x26, $170
Three Willows Plus Ducks
signed limited edition print, 13 x 22.5. $170
Cornfield print - unsigned ($48) prints, 13.3x21.8,
Winter Woods
Signed print $250
Wild Turkeys in Winter
Original watercolor, 20x26, $2,950
Winter Forest Moon, signed artiss proof,
Signed artist proof, 17x11, $150
Winter Moon with Blue and Purple No
Signed artist's proof, 17x11, $150
Hudson Street, signed Ltd edition print
Signed limited edition print $120
Pumpkin Patch
Signed print, 14x20, $170
Cascadilla Park Place
Unsigned print $48. Signed print 170
Coy Glen Moon
Artist's signed proof, 17x11, $150
Purple Lake Moon
Winter Forest
Original signed watercolor, framed, 19x15, $1900
Cherry Blossoms
Signed, limited edition print, $120
Purple Lake Moon
Artist's proof, 11x17, $150
Cayuga Lake Sunset
Signed artist's proof, 11x17, $150
Farmers Market After Rain
Original Watercolor, matted and framed, $1950
Market Women #4
Signed print, limited edition, 11x17, $120
Market Women #5
Unsigned print, 13x22.5, $48, Signed prints $120
Purple Iris
19x12.5 print, signed $120 and unsigned $48
Unsigned print,13x22.5, $48
Stewart Park Old Willow
Unsigned print, 18.7 x 24.5, $48 - Signed Print $170
Cayuga Lake Looking West,
Limited edition signed print 89of300, 16.25 x 20, $170
Spring Hedgerow
unsigned print, 20 x 28, $48
Stewart Park Three Old Willows o
signed print, 13.5 x 20
Toy Boats
Color print, signed artist's proof XIV, 11x17, $120
Autumn Woods
Print 19x25,Unsigned $48 and Signed $250
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