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When Life is Still- Brian Keeler

One of the great joys of being an artist is the opportunity to capture precisely the depth and feeling of a scene as it exists in the moment.  In my still life paintings I seek to convey to the viewer the emotion of a glance, an instant in time, available forever.  

Brian Keeler


"Still Life with One Blue Butterfly," oil on linen on panel, 26"x30", $2,800

Ornithology- Spring Still Life Oil on li

"Ornithology, Spring Still Life," oil on linen on panel, 26"x 30", $2,800

Still Life with Metronome Oil on linen 2

"Still Life with Metronome," oil on linen on panel, 26"x30", $2,800

Ode To Alberti

"Ode to Alberti, Tuscan Window" oil on linen, 24"x 26", $2,200

River Still Life with White Heron oil 47

"River Still Life with White Heron" oil on canvas 47"x 41", $8,400

Pushing Pan - Susquehanna Bacchanal Mixe

"Pushing Pan, Susquehanna River" mixed media watercolor, 36"x 01", $4,400

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