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New England and Acadia National Park

September 1 - 26, 2018

September 1st  Art Trail Open House Reception 11-4  

Gallery hours  Friday-Sunday 11-4 and by appointment


Monhegan Island Painting Demo
Brian Keeler finishes off a studio painting depicting an October Morning with two lobstermen bringing in a boat. He explains about composing and articulating the light.

A short video of a plein air oil study nearing completion from Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine

Coastal Maine Sunset - "Conversations on a Dock"A large oil painting is being completed in this short video. Watch Brian Keeler as he applies the final touches to a painting of a fishing village near Acadia National Park at Corea, Maine. See how the artists uses beautiful warm tones while painting the filtered light coming through trees and dappling on the shore

North Star Exhibition Overview
Brian Keeler leads us through a short tour with highlights from the show at the North Star Art Gallery in Ithaca, also his studio. Keeler starts by showing the final stages of a painting of Great Spruce Head Island off the coast of Maine.

Stonington, Maine

In this short clip, a 26" x 30" oil painting of is being worked on during a beautiful and sunny August mid-day. Working on location (standing on a rock in the bay) for this plein aire oil,Brian Keeler talks about painting clouds and buildings along the shore.

Brian Keeler paints a plein air oil of day break in the coastal Main village of Stonington. He shares some aspects of the painting process and shows us a previous painting of the same motif, but done at sunset.

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