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Atlantic Arias: Coastal
Ireland, Maine, Scotland

March 1 - April 30, 2019
Greater Ithaca First Saturday Art Trail Open House Reception

Marcjh 2-  12 to 5 pm

Hours: Friday - Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm


Atlantic Arias” will feature work from Ireland, Scotland and Maine- hence this trans-Atlantic theme highlights Brian Keeler's  plein air and studio work from these locales.  


"The prismatic aspect refers to the abundance of rainbows in Ireland as the mist, light, clouds, ocean and land combined beautifully to offer this visually inspiring motif in paintings of these spectral bows over Donegal and Kerry Counties that you’ll be sure to enjoy." 

Keeler brings his rich textured treatment of light, sky, and water to the beauty of these two coastal regions.  The choice of subject is based on the corollary motifs as it shows the facing coastlines on both sides of the Atlantic.  The rugged coastlines share many aspects in common: visual, tectonic, geological, cultural, and historical.  The concept of pairing these oil paintings into a single show was a natural choice

"Donegal Coast with Two Rainbows"


WVIA- FM  the NPR affiliate in Scranton, PA -  Erica Funke, the host of Art Scene,  interviews Brian Keeler in regards to his new show about Ireland, Maine and Scotland called "Atlantic Arias"    Check it out here for the inside story behind the paintings.  




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